A career woman who works in a South African bank has made the most shocking confession that she regularly uses male prostitutes.
As an educated single mom who works at a bank and stays in Migson Manor in Soweto, she admits that with all her sophistication, most people would never expect her to be paying for s_ex.
“It happened by chance,” she explains. “A good friend and colleague was getting married, and we organised her a bachelorette party. The girls decided to hire a male stripper, who charged us R2500 for his ero_tic performance”.
“He was tall, dark, very well built and we all went crazy when he started performing”.
“Afterwards, I found out that he had a fee he charged if you wanted to take him home with you”.
“Maybe it was the drinks, but I asked him what the fee was, and he said it was R800. I forked it out and off we went. The rest is history,” she says timidly.
Afterwards, she became frequent with the rent boy who even introduced her to another colleague and she buys their services at least once every two months.
“They just know what to do in bed. No judgment and no emotions involved. It is very liberating and can be a much-needed break from the typical dating scene,” She explains.
This reveals that the concept of women using male escorts to satisfy their urge is really happening. But in the world of traditions and morals we live in, it is either unheard of or just not talked about at all.
According to a recent research called Women Who Buy Se_xual Services in the UK, more women are using male escort services than ever before.
The UK alone has an alarming number of male escorts advertising their merchandise online and the number has increased in the past five years, with a growing increase in the demand for their services.
But are South African women in the same boat? It is a general belief that such crazy things only happen in the western world where you have more civilization, which is why the revelations made by some male escorts interviewed online sounded quite preposterous.
“Many of my clients are black, successful women,” says Rodney.
“They have money, drive nice cars and have nice houses. I have never received a call from a broke student. Most of them are professionals and executives, and they pay very well.”
Since male escorts do not stand on the road like most of their female counterparts, they make most of their transactions online and visit their client wherever she wants them to
“Someone will respond to your ad, tell you what they want and, because we can travel, we can be at their house within an hour.”
Rodney from Uganda, says he was introduced to the escort business by his Nigerian friend.
“He told me South African women can pay a lot of money for se_x with us. For me it seemed like the answer to my prayers because I was struggling to get a decent job in South Africa because I don’t have a work permit”.
“I started being an escort, or a rent boy, as they call us, and I am making a decent living. I bought a car and I stay in a great apartment in a nice suburb,” he says. Rodney says he charges R1000 per hour, and has a pricing list, depending on the client’s needs.
“If you want to have me overnight, my fee is R5000.
“For a two-day stay, I can give you a discount and charge R8000, but a weekend is between R10000 to R15000.”
When asked if his fees don’t put many clients off, Rodney confidently disagrees.
“This is the reason I don’t deal with broke clients. All my clients are happy with my rates because they know every cent is worth it.”
It got more interesting as another male escort who gave his name as Mike said he deals more with couples. “I get a lot of calls from husbands asking me to come and render a service to their wives. Most like to join in, but some prefer to just watch. I don’t care, as long as I have my money in my pocket at the end of the session.”
Mike charges R3500 per couple per session.
One might be forced to ask, Why would a woman pay for se_x when she can easily walk into any bar and get it for free?
It’s definitely not because there are rising numbers of desperate, unattractive women forced to buy affection from male escorts. Research revealed quite the opposite – a high proportion of women paying for se_x are busy career professionals in their 30s and 40s who just don’t want to through the stress of dating and all the entanglements that come with it.
Some claimed to be ‘too busy’ for relationships because they are focusing more on their career, others admitted to paying for se_x even though they were in a relationship or even married.
Most women say they prefer to pay for se_x to make sure they get what they want and not just se_x.