Meet Bishop Larry Trotter of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church who was lambasted after posting a picture of himself in the bath with his granddaughter on social media.
Social media erupted in fury after the sharing of the intimate snap with his fans.
In the picture, Trotter and his granddaughter smile for the camera while covered in bubbles form the neck down. It is not clear whether they are naked.
The viral image stirred a huge response from the online community with many calling for child protective services to get involved.
n his defence, Trotter said he was in the bathtub when his granddaughter walked in and asked him about the bubbles in the tub. He explained to her that they were bubbles just like the ones she played/bathed in when she was a baby.
Enamored with the bubbles, she wanted to get it. From there he put on trunks, the child’s mother put trunks on her, and the two frolicked in the tub. Mom snapped a photo of the two in the tub and another family member who manages the Bishop’s social media posted the photo. According to the Bishop, it was nothing more and nothing less. He also went on to mention that he has bathed with all of his children, he was raised that way, and made mention of the fact that coming up he and siblings / other relatives even shared bathed water.
One outraged viewer said: “This might seem innocent but my question to you is why on earth you are taking a bath where your 4/5 year old granddaughter can just walk in on you and question about the bubbles in the tub.”
Another wrote: “I simply could not find anything right with this picture and I looked for 3 minutes”
Do you think the photo was innocent fun or straight up unholy???