Singer Ambani Mukwevho, known as Bee-Gee, accuses the late Bojo Mujo and faded Aubrey "DJ Call Me" Lebese of stealing her work.

She claims the musos stole the hit song Marry Me from her about a decade ago.
Mukwevho's reason for bringing up the alleged theft is because she has remixed the song for her upcoming album to be released next month.
The artist claims the incident led to her dropping out of music school at the State Theatre in Pretoria because she was constantly teased by fans for being broke while her song was a hit.
"I released my debut album Goodbye in 2007 at the age of 17. At that time, I was in Grade 12. I sold it on the streets of Venda," said Mukwevho.
"People loved Marry Me and wanted to know the girl behind the song. They took it to Musina and I was booked to perform there. It was at this time that DJ Call Me got ahold of my CD and stole my songs."
The singer (27) from Nzhelele in Venda, Limpopo, said she only became aware DJ Call Me was passing her song off as his in late 2008, when a friend from Joburg visited Venda.
"After the song became a hit, DJ Bojo Mujo wanted to buy it for R10000, but I refused.
"I told him I wanted R30000, and he then went to buy it from DJ Call Me.
"I later met Bojo Mujo at an event in Pretoria and confronted him about the matter. But he called his bodyguards, saying he didn't want to talk to this 'little girl'."