The rivalry between South Africa and Zimbabwe is fierce in almost everything. A football match between the two can easily be mistaken for the world cup final or something. What’s with the many Zimbabweans in South Africa. You probably have a friend or know someone from Zimbabwe. We at iMzansi contacted our Zim bros for them to give us a low down on their hottest babes and being the nice people that we are, we are going to share them with you.

Here is a collection of Zimbabwean and South Africa hot sisters…..

1. Minnie Dlamini : South Africa

2. Zimbabwe : Zinhle Kim Dube

3. Peral Thusi : South Africa 

4. Wendy Matika : Zimbabwe

5. Boity : South Africa

6. Pokello : Zimbabwe

7. Amanda Du Pont 

8 . Maneta : Zimbabwe

9. Chommie : South Africa

10. Angelina : Zimbabwe


There you have it. Which country has the hottest babes?

Source : iMzansi