He is a player of note, it’s said and girls apparently find him irresistible. But now the former Generations actor Seems to be paying the price for his charming but deceitful ways .Just a few weeks ago, we wrote about an abortion scandal involving Anga Makubalo and his pregnant ex-girlfriend who is known as Nonkululeko.
However we have learnt the reason behind the Qina hit makers desire to avoid having another child including three year old son with his ex-Maggie , Anga also impregnated his Botswana girlfriend Roselyn April last year. They now have a one month old daughter. ”He is freaking out because Roselyn just gave birth to his baby during the festive season,” said a source. And she seems to be enjoying motherhood, every chance she gets, she posts pictures of her little ray of sunshine on Instagram.
Anga and Roselyn’s relationship dates back to 201. The couple met at The Branch in Francistown Botswana. After only a few weeks it was reported that the couple were reportedly looking into marriage but their affair hit rock bottom when they argued about another women,and Anga already allegedly threw Roselyn’s bags out their hotel room and assaulted her.their love was however rekindled in 2014.
Though there is no limit to the number of women Anga is prepared to date, it seems two kids are enough for him. This is why he allegedly tried to force Nonkululeko (23),who is now 16 weeks into her pregnancy to abort their unborn child. The political student however refused and Anga blew a gasket accusing Nonkululeko of trying to trap him by getting pregnant. Articles detailing numerous text messages in which Anga told her to get rid of the baby have been published. Nonkululeko has apparently told Anga to stay away from him following his threats of killing himself if she goes through with the preagnancy. Just days before the publishing of these conversations sources say the z’bondiwe actor allegedly tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. According to close friends, Anga bid Nonkululeko farewell claiming he had overdosed. “It could all have been a stunt ,but but he told her that he was dying” the friend told us. “His friends sent her a picture of an ambulance parked outside some hotel claiming he had tried to commit suicide.”
We are also told that Anga had not told his parents abount Nonkululeko’s preganancy.
“The thing is that Anga has been to Roselyn’s family and has promised them the world,so now Nonkus pregnancy wil ruin everything for him” the source said “they will think he is a liar.”
Apparently Anga’s relationship with the Northcliff -born student has been going on for five years ,which means the singer was dating both girls simultaneously.
In 2014 the singer told Botswana’s The Voice how he and Roselyn had kissed and made up after their split. “This is just the tip of the iceberg.” He was quoted as saying. “More is coming but I cannot reveal much at the moment,just know that we are in love.”
He also said that they were trying to keep their relationship from the eyes of the public as much as posiible. “But for a fact our love relationship is stronger than ever.This is despite what transpired at Mahalapye late last year ,” he added ,referring to assault incident in 2013.
Yet it seems that Anga failed to tell Nonkululeko that he was back with Roselyn . In the messages we sourced, Nonkululeko stresses that Anga should have told her. “He really played them,” a friend tells us. “He is just a liar and is not even apologetic about it.But Nonku doesn’t want anything to do with Anga anymore. She’s had it.”
Roselyn could not be reached for a comment. However when approached for a comment , Anga said he doesn’t like to talk about his private life. “The suicide allegations are definitely false, I wouldn’t do such a thing. I have many people, younger and even older who look up to me.”
Source : Online