AKA’s sidekick, “DJ Fanatic”, real name Thabiso Maphutse, has been accused of theft!
According to Sunday Sun sources, “DJ Speedsta”, real name Lesego Nkaiseng, and “DJ Capital”, real name Siyabonga Sibeko, claimed the DJ took their deejaying equipment.
Sunday Sun has learnt the two DJs then allegedly confronted DJ Fanatic.
A source close to DJ Speedsta claimed he said DJ Fanatic took equipment at different gigs from both DJs.
The source claimed when DJ Fanatic played at Kong nightclub in Joburg, at AKA’s recent birthday party, DJ Speedsta and DJ Capital spotted their equipment.
“DJ Speedsta told me DJ Fanatic stole his equipment and he was at Kong playing with it,” said our source, who was at the club.
The source added DJ Capital discovered his equipment was also “stolen” by the same DJ.
The source claimed the two DJs decided to confront DJ Fanatic.
A second source claimed the confrontation happened at Kong’s with one of the owners as mediator.
The source said DJ Fanatic denied stealing anything, saying he had his own equipment.
“He told them he’s never stolen anything from any of them,” said the second source.
The source added DJ Fanatic was angry after allegedly being accused of theft.
A third source claimed the two DJs could be accusing DJ Fanatic falsely because of jealousy.
“Where were they when the equipment was stolen?
“Why didn’t they open a case of theft?” asked the source.
Sunday Sun can confirm neither DJ opened a case of theft with the cops.
When asked for comment, DJ Capital said: “I can’t help you.”
And DJ Speedsta refused to comment on the matter.
It’s not the first time DJ Fanatic is tangled in controversy. In 2014, AKA fired him.
At the time the rapper tweeted: If you know anyone in the Joburg area who you think would be great as my DJ, let them know we’re having auditions. Just had to fire my DJ.
Yesterday DJ Fanatic said:
“Sorry brother those guys are my friends.
“Maybe it’s someone who is trying to create a hype over nothing.”