AKA has come out guns blazing against his personal life always being under scrutiny.
The rapper took to social media to address the running commentary surrounding his separation from the mother of his child, DJ Zinhle.
It’s been six months since Zinhle broke the news of their split to fans.
At the time, Zinhle publicly claimed that the reason for their split was because AKA had been having an affair with Bonang Matheba. Both Bonang and AKA strongly denied the rumours, saying they were not in a relationship.
Over the past few months AKA and Bonang’s romance has hogged headlines, with a Mozambican hotel staff member confirming to The Juice that they were on vacation together. (Read more on that here)
On Sunday evening AKA went on the rampage on Twitter, making it clear that they have moved on with life.
“It’s actually quite ridiculous how people are taking my separation with the mother of my child, worse than the mother of my child,” he wrote.
AKA went on to add that this is the last time he will address this issue.
So listen carefully ya’ll…
AKA ✔ @akaworldwide
Fathers finding out that kids aren’t theirs via DNA tests, Married Ministers with 100k duffle bag scandals … But you focused on me.
AKA ✔ @akaworldwide
We have all moved on with our lives. Love Triangle yamasimba 💩
AKA ✔ @akaworldwide
Now that that’s out of the way. I just spent the day with my daughter and she’s beautiful, smart, healthy and loves her dad ❤️ … Thanks!
AKA ✔ @akaworldwide
“Affairs” are for MARRIED men/women.
AKA ✔ @akaworldwide
Everyone has had their say … So on some Nelson Mandela shit. This will be the last time I address this issue. Done.
Source:The Juice