Johannesburg- Just when we thought real love -the type you sometimes see in fairytales- was dead, actress Sophie Ndaba reveals that it’s what she’s been searching for all along.
Talking to Gareth Cliff on his CliffCentral show this week, Sophie says that despite her past experiences, she still believes in love and fairytales.
Asked if she would ever get married again, after her high profile split from ex-husband Pastor Keith Harrington, Sophie responded excitedly.
“Absolutely! I just believe in love. I believe in forever after. I believe in just being happy. Why not? I’m not in a hurry,” she says

“For starters I’m looking for best friend, a soul mate. And then the marriage part is just a signature…marriage is just a word but the friendship, the relationship, the companionship is what I’m after. I’m looking forward to having a forever after with someone,” she adds
Sophie reveals that she is currently in a long-term relationship with someone, but that the couple are not heading to the altar anytime soon.
So, she’s good in the love department! As long as you don’t call her man a Ben 10!
“I tell the media, ‘Stop calling people Ben 10 because for any man who is over 30 it’s disgusting to call them that. Number 2: I will date whoever I want and I don’t want anyone telling me who I should or shouldn’t date. As long as he is a consenting adult and is a working man and he rocks my world, I am happy,'” she says.
-The Juice