A teacher by name Steve Mathoho has been arrested in Pretoria, South Africa for his inability to satisfy his wife in bed
According to an eyewitness who spoke to us , at dawn around 4:30 am, he heard his neighbor screaming “I want more, this is not enough for me” but later all that he could hear was a woman crying.
‘’It was around 4:30am when I heard my next door neighbor shouting ;I want more. You are becoming lazy in b ed’. It continued for about 30 minutes and later all that I could hear was the man beating the woman’’ the eyewitness said
According to other neighbors, this incident of ‘’I want more, you are lazy in b ed’’ has been going on for over three months now.
The police officer who is in charge of the case said the victim in question who logged the complaint that her husband couldn’t sat1sfy him in b ed as a matter of fact result in her beatings is currently on admission at the hospital for treatment.