ZIMBABWE-A VICTORIA Falls woman’s midnight se_x ro_mp with a 13 year old boy was cut short when the boy’s elder sister woke up after she was allegedly disturbed by the ecstatic boy’s moaning.This was heard when the 19-year-old woman from Chief Mvutu’s area appeared before Hwange regional magistrate Dambudzo Malunga charged with aggravated indecent assault.
The court heard that on 12 January at around 8pm the woman went to the boy’s place where she was offered accommodation.It is reported that she was made to sleep in the same room with the boy but in separate blankets.
Tawanda Sigauke for the State told the court that at around midnight the woman reportedly sneaked into the complainant’s blankets and woke him up.
She then ordered him to go on top of her.The unsuspicious boy complied and while on top,the woman removed his clothes and started fo_ndling his manhood.
The woman forced the boy’s organ into her organ while ordering the boy to make some movements.The boy,who allegedly could not contain the initial “pleasure”of the adult game,started moaning while calling out the name of the woman thereby attracting the attention of his elder sister who was sleeping in another room.
When the sister who was awakened by the “pleasure sounds” of her younger brother went to the room,the woman tried to push off the boy who allegedly resisted but later complied when he realised that his sister had busted them.
After being busted,the boy later narrated what had happened to his sister who later reported the matter to the police leading to the accused being arrested.