Sex gang of twelve Asian men showed no sympathy as they repeatedly raped a 13 year old vulnerable schoolgirl. The teenager was physically and psychologically abused as she was passed around in turns by the heartless men in an underground park.

Bradford Crown Court heard how the men were led by ringleader Ahmed Al-Choudhury who facilitated most of the offences but then fled abroad, eleven were jailed for rape and a twelfth man was jailed for sexual activity with a child under 16. 

Judge Roger Thomas QC condemned the "insolent and disrespectful behaviour" the accused showed in court which he said reflected their treatment of their victim. 
"None of these defendants had any concern for the victim, they were totally uninterested in her welfare and what damage they were causing her.The victim clearly demanded pity and understanding but their view of her was heartless and demeaning.
"They saw her as a pathetic figure who had no worth and who served no purpose than to be an object that they could sexually misuse and cast aside.
"They showed her no shred of decency or humanity when as a vulnerable child she so needed care and understanding."
The court heard their victim now has post-traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression. 

In a statement, she told the court:
 "My perception of what a normal relationship is warped. Trust issues affect every aspect of my life. I have also had many physical effects. I was physically assaulted and punched and kicked and these hurt when I am tired.
"My moods are very variable and can be up and down at any time. I have no coping mechanisms and feel out of control.  my anxiety and stress levels hav