AFRO-SOUL singer Vusi Nova opened his mouth to sing – but no sound came out!
It happened last Sunday in his home town, Port Elizabeth, as more than 15 000 fans waited to hear him at St George’s Park Cricket Stadium.
A doctor told Vusi he had a severe throat infection, and advised him not to sing.
Vusi Nova, real name Vusi Nongxo, was one of the artists booked to perform at the fourth annual Ebubeleni music festival.
But fans had to go home disappointed after learning he couldn’t perform.
Thanduxolo Myeza, who came to see Vusi, said: “Obviously I’m disappointed I couldn’t see him perform. But what can we say, he didn’t choose to be sick.
“The guy was there, it’s just that his throat has a problem.”
Another fan, Tumeka Ndawonde, said she wanted to support her homeboy.
“It’s a pity. We haven’t had a festival like this in a very long time. I would have liked to see him on stage,” she said.
Ebubeleni festival organiser, Thembi Mahambehlala, said they were happy with the event.
“Vusi couldn’t perform because of a throat infection.
“Despite that, he spent the whole night with us which shows he supports other artists,” said Thembi.
She said they’re happy with the show.
“We’ve never had a show as well attended as this one. It was a major success.
“We had more than 15 000 people who packed the entire stadium,” she said.
Thembi added it was an incident-free event.
Vusi Nova’s manager, Lance Stehr, confirmed Vusi was sick on the day.
“He woke up with a throat problem. We took him to the doctor in the morning, hoping it would clear up later.
“Unfortunately it didn’t get better and there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn’t heal in time for the performance,” said Lance.
He said Vusi wanted to perform but was advised not to.
Source: Dailysun