HOUSE music outfit Uhuru member Themba “DJ Maphorisa ” Sekowe is a wanted man.
That’s because the muso allegedly swindled an artist from Ghana out of thousands of rands.
Michael “Pola ” Baffour, now based in Claremont, Cape Town, told Sunday World he was crooked out of R26 000.
According to Pola, he met DJ Maphorisa through a friend around September, and spent a week at the Uhuru house in Midrand.
But DJ Maphorisa, who allegedly failed to deliver the work he had agreed to, poopooed Pola ’ s claim.
He denied engaging in business or ever meeting the Ghanaian. But another Uhuru member, Xelimpilo “Xeli ” Simelane, confirmed knowing Pola.
“I know him because I once worked with him in the studio,” said Simelane.
An angry Pola accused DJ Maphorisa of being a liar, and referred us to a video clip posted on Uhuru ’ s Facebook page.
On the clip, the Ghanaian is seen jamming with the other Uhuru members.
“If you can put him on the phone now, I can tell him to go jump.”
Pola said he had commissioned DJ Maphorisa to help him produce three songs.
They agreed that he would pay the DJ R20 000 for each track.
“I paid him R20 000 in full for the first song, but he turned around and asked that he keeps that beat for his own upcoming project,” said Pola.
“I did not have a problem with that because I didn ’ t want any trouble, as I wanted us to continue working in peace. I then paid him R6 000, but everything we agreed on was not finished. Now he is ignoring my calls.
“All I want is for him to finish the work I paid him to do because this is a very small industry and fighting is not an option.”
The Afro-pop singer and owner of online radio station Good Life Music FM and Records said Maphorisa taught him a lesson he would never forget.
“I really don ’t know why Maphorisa is doing this to me because I had faith in him,” said Pola.
Source:Sunday World