FORMER TV presenter Tumi Makgabo spent a sad Christmas with an empty house.
There was not much left in the former SABC and CNN presenter’s house in Ferndale, Jozi, after it was raided by repo men who left with a truckload of Tumi’s valuable household possessions.
This after she was taken to court by Unit 15 Rondevoux CC/ta Done Rite Services for money which was owed to the company.
Tumi’s goods were repossessed and sold in a public auction in December.
The goods which were repossessed and sold included her Volvo V8 AWD, wall mirrors, paintings, a king size bed, washing machines, fridges, tables, chairs, CD players, gym equipment, TVs and a PlayStation.
According to court documents in possession of Sunday Sun, the court made a ruling on 13 November that Tumi’s goods be repossessed and sold on auction.
This after she had allegedly failed to honour an agreement with Done Rite Services for work on part of her house in Ferndale.
According court papers, Done Rite Services would attend to construction and repairs on the various portion of Tumi’s house.
They claimed Tumi would pay a 60% deposit before they could start work.
They further said the balance was to be paid after work was completed.
Done Rite Services claimed Tumi paid R114 308,03 which was a 60% deposit.
“On or about 6 June 2014 and upon completion of the contractual work as agreed, the plaintiff provided the defendant with a reconciliation statement of an outstanding balance in the amount of R87 575, an amount which is inclusive of additional work done to the defendant’s property,” said Done Rite Services.
The company claims it then sent a revised statement reflecting an outstanding balance of R92 440.
“The defendant failed to make timeous payment of the amount by the 29 June 2014, being the agreed date for payment.
“Moreover, the defendant breached her obligations to the plaintiff and is accordingly indebted to the plaintiff,” said Done Rite Services in court papers.
The company also claims despite demands, Tumi refused and failed to make a payment.
Done Rite demanded R190 513 from her.
When she couldn’t pay, the company took her to court and she lost the case.
The SunTeam tried to get in touch with Tumi to hear her side of the story, but we were unable to reach her for comment but it is believed she is now bankrupt.