It's quite common for those considered to be fine-looking to consistently do the basic minimum or absolutely nothing at all and yet still get paid very well. Meanwhile some poor souls slave and sweat buckets for a pittance behind the scenes.
Just switch on your TV set for some quick evidence. From soap operas and dramas to show presenters, there is no shortage of easily elevated masqueraders whose meal ticket is simply an exaggerated smile, making suggestive glances, their assumed gorgeousness, hotness, handsome-ness or hunkiness, you name it.
When it comes to most of the so-called beauties, close scrutiny of their supposed artistic adeptness and knowledge of a given subject or task can really leave much to be desired. But, again, we live in times where broadcast and several other industries put a premium price on looks, particular accent and "personality brand" over capability, creativity and high standard substance between the ears.
Anyway, reports coming from insiders suggest that the combination of Thomas Mlambo and Minnie Dlamini has not been good enough to keep football-crazy fans watching SABC1's SoccerZone.
Apparently the two have not been able to pull in the kind of numbers that would make it easy for the public broadcaster to gloat and charge advertisers a premium price for placing their products on the Monday's 9-to-10 pm slot.
The word out there is that two months from now Dlamini and Mlambo will be gone.
SoccerZone is allegedly scheduled to be turned into a a faceless show, a highlights-only affair.
It would seem Mlambo's polished presentation, broad toothpaste smile and what is considered to be "suspicious knowledge of the game", as some tend to argue, could not cut it.
Dlamini has never been known for exceptional presentation aptitude, deep knowledge of or passion for football. Instead she is most famous for her gorgeous body, beautiful face and that she once dated Chief's Itumeleng Khune.
Well, football might be commonly referred to as the beautiful game, thanks to Brazil's football giant Pele calling it such, but it has always been clear that top of the log of the skills needed to win hearts, from those that present, report on or play the game need not be prettiness.
On the field of play the splendour needs to be mostly on the feet or the head. Think of Christiano Ronaldo, Jabu Pule, Reneilwe Letsolonyane, Ronaldinho, Roger Feutmba, Jerry Skhosana. the list is endless.
Sports followers in general want to be taken seriously
Skhosana did not have the friendliest of faces, but what he could do with his feet was beauty personified. Perhaps former Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Brian Baloyi and Chiefs fans can let us in on how the man affectionately nicknamed Legs of Thunder used to terrorise and give them sleepless nights.
Ronaldinho was reportedly turned down by Spanish giants Real Madrid because the powers that be apparently did not like his buck teeth. They said he was not handsome enough to fit their idea of a galactico. When rivals Barcelona signed him up, he showed Real Madrid that his magic feet had more bite than his dental formula.
Back to television and radio presenting; Robert Marawa has in the past years proven that football and sports followers in general want to be taken seriously despite them being crazy and fun loving.
One of Marawa's top appeals has always been his courage to voice his opinion. Throughout his career he has not been shy to ask tough questions when there has been a need and has disagreed with his bosses for the benefit of sports fans.
From time to time he has upset, often for good reason, powerful individuals in sports. Simply put, Marawa has blended his ability of having fun, passion, understanding of football, presentation skills with the competence to fearlessly render a high quality service to sports fans.
That he is handsome and has beautiful eyes is an added advantage. No, I don't have my eyes on Marawa, the above description is as per my other half's observation or conclusion.
A career purely built on beauty and youth alone or accent can never be sustainable. With age, beauty wanes and with time someone with a much-improved or better twang or style of talk that is relevant at the time comes along and gets all the gigs and attention.