THE ROYAL family yesterday said they refused to recognise Sunday’s appointment of Prince Azenathi Dalindyebo as acting king while his father Buyelekhaya is in jail.
The AmaDlomo chose Azenathi to be acting king against his father’s request for his wife Queen Nokwanda to take over.
Family spokesman Chief Daludumo Mtirara said: “The Ngangelizwe royal family dismisses the announcement that Azenathi Dalindyebo is the acting king by the same group which misled his father and kept quiet when he was imprisoned.
“We condemn the actions against our matured custom. We advise Azenathi Dalindyebo to concentrate on his studies.”
Last week, at a meeting of the Ngangelizwe royal family, they decided to write to President Jacob Zuma to permanently withdraw Buyelekhaya’s certificate of recognition.
They said they had made a decision about who they would like to be king and the person would take over for five years.
Mtirara said: “We request that government implements with immediate effect the resolutions passed during the sitting.”