TEN years of friendship ended in violence and flames.
In the last six months, Martin Mataruse (42) has been attacked and set on fire. His house and car have been badly damaged, and all because he wasn’t prepared to lie for his friend.
Martin told Daily Sun he saw the man assaulting his girlfriend and he chose to end the friendship.
And he refused to be a witness for the abusive man.
His Polo Vivo was petrol bombed on 28 December and the next day his former friend sent him an SMS threatening that his house would soon follow.
On Thursday morning Martin, a Zimbabwean man who has been in Mzansi for half his life, was burnt when his house in Phase 2 kasi, Mangaung was petrol-bombed.
“I was asleep with my wife and three kids when I was woken by fire on my back. While I was still burning I saw this man running away from the house.”
He said the neighbours cracked raw eggs on his body to put out the fire.
“This man is angry because I refused to lie for him. I told him I couldn’t do it because I respected the law and chose to end our friendship,” said Martin.
When Daily Sun arrived at his house, the burnt house was being painted and the burnt car was still outside.
“He nearly killed me and my family,” Martin said. “He said nothing would happen to him as I’m not a South African.”
Police spokeswoman Sergeant Ikobeng Hlubi has advised Martin to report the matter. She added that a 48-year-old man has been arrested and charged with arson after a house was burnt.