A daycare teacher who turned her classroom into what has been described as a “baby fight club”, has been found guilty of child cruelty and could spend years in prison. Sarah Jordan was convicted on more than a dozen charges. In her classroom, she tripped children, stepped on their toes, encouraged them to fight each other and sprayed them in the face with a hose. She created a tense environment for the students and this has caused huge emotional damage to them.

Prosecutor Ashleigh Landers said that the atmosphere she has created was “almost like a baby fight club” and Parents testified that their children suddenly became fearful of water and started acting in ways similar to the abuse described in the classroom, such as stepping on others’ feet.

The sadist of a teacher was making the students bully one another and this resulted in fights. After a trial, The judge convicted Jordan of 13 offences, including child cruelty and assault and battery. She has however denied the accusations, saying that she occasionally used the hose to sprinkle kids with water because the sprinkler attachment was broken but she never tried to hurt them. She will be sentenced in May.