Relax, fam! Big Nuz are not leaving Afrotainment any time soon.
Rumours swirling around the group this week claim that Big Nuz are set to leave the popular music stable. 
The rumours gathered steam on Thursday when a post on Deejay Gwe's Facebook page went viral. The post, written by "Senzo", attacked Tira, accusing him of taking advantage of Big Nuz, and suggesting that the group leave Tira's stable when their contract expires at the end of the year. But Tira denies this.
Speaking to The Juice on Thursday, Tira says that Big Nuz would be free to leave Afrotainment if they so wished, but that they have not spoken to him about possibly leaving.
"Big Nuz have not made me aware of their intentions to leave the group," Tira says. "We do not work with contracts. If anyone wants to leave they are free to leave, it is not a matter of contract," Tira says.
"We can't work with someone who is not willing to work with us. We do not hold people to contracts. If they want to leave they can request to leave, but Big Nuz have not told me they want to leave," he adds.
Sorry, Twitter.

-The Juice