The son of a prominent DJ is still trying to find out what happened in the hours he was unconscious after being drugged on a bus trip from Joburg to Durban this week.
His family is not impressed with the Intercape bus company, who they say left most of the puzzle for them to sort out after he arrived in Durban on Thursday morning, incoherent and unable to say what happened on the trip.
Minenhle Mkhwanazi, 20, the son of DJ Lebo Koloile, was travelling from his home in Centurion to Durban to enroll at Durban University of Technology.
Instead he woke up in a hospital after apparently being drugged during the trip.
His ordeal started after he met a “witty” stranger on the bus, who allegedly gave him a drink that was drugged.
He said he chose a seat next to a window in the second row behind the driver.
“As I got comfortable the man came up and sat next to me, he greeted me and told me that he was on a business trip. So we spoke a little because he kept forcing me into a conversation,” Mkhwanazi said.
“I started snacking on a pack of chips and drank water I had in my bag. A few minutes later he came back carrying a six-pack of 330ml juices. He said I could have them all, but I refused. He dropped one juice on my lap and when I handed it back to him, he said I can have it. I drank it. That is when my memory faded,” Mkhwanazi said.
A woman who had got off the same bus at Durban station bus terminal saw him lying against the wall. She did not want her name published.
“I thought he was drunk. I went to him and tried to wake him up but he had passed out. After a while he regained consciousness. I then asked for his family contact details and explained to his mother that he was in trouble,” she said.
His parents Pretty and Lebo Koloile flew to Durban.
Mkhwanazi was admitted to St Augustine’s Hospital.
His father said they were waiting for the medical tests results to see what kind of drug had been used.
“Intercape has failed to show decency by following up on his health and keeping us updated on the investigation,” Koloile said.
Intercape said Mkhwanazi had been assisted by its employees, his parents had been informed of his condition and arrangements had been made to get him to a hospital.
“We have responded to the parents and requested that the victim go to a police station to lay charges of assault or theft of the goods stolen.”
The company said it would co-operate with the police.
Mkhwanazi’s mother said she had been turned away while trying to lay a charge at Durban Central police station.
KwaZulu-Natal police spokesman, major Thulani Zwane said the matter would be investigated.
“It is normal that the victim opens the case once he is better,” he said.