IT’S A travelling roadshow for punani lovers.
Viewing is allowed and so is touching.
These are women who don’t let their unemployment get in the way of having fun – and drinking all the booze they can handle.
They travel around the kasi and arrive wearing miniskirts, short dresses and bum shorts, with sexy make-up and trendy hairstyles.
Last Sunday the girls arrived at Strike’s Tavern in Block A, Mabopane, Tshwane where a stokvel was being hosted.
Newcomers are often shocked by what they see but the regulars never miss an opportunity to appreciate the show.
“We dance to entertain,” said one of the girls.
“And we don’t have a problem with dancing naked.”
It’s like a contest. They show their stuff to make it easy for the customers.
Soon the beer starts flowing fast and the one with the best bum gets the most beer.
One of the girls said: “They buy booze for us, and yes, sometimes we end up in a bed we’ve never seen before.”
One of the women said they don’t take any notice if there are jealous women in the tavern.
“Men appreciate us and if we like them we don’t mind being touched. If they buy the booze, we provide the entertainment,” she said.
A woman who said her name was Brenda said they don’t appreciate other women taking to the dance floor.
“We get jealous when women we do not know dance. We don’t want them stealing our men. Without our partners these places would be no fun,” she said.
“We don’t mind people talking badly about us, because we are starring here. We are the main attractions and it feels good.
“Sometimes men fight over us and then we get to choose the one who buys the beers and the ciders.”
Abel Mokete said his friends visit him constantly these days because they all attend the gatherings.
“They like what they see. What can I say? But we all enjoy the show. It’s unusual and it’s free,” he said.
Source:Daily Sun