He is a king to his followers, and they treat him as such.
But for those who don’t belong to his flock, he’s probably best known for his so-called “HIV/Aids holy water-cure”, various “miracles’ and being a polygamist.
So we are lucky to scoop an exclusive interview and photoshoot with controversial Bishop., Hamilton Nala and his two gorgeous wives, Ntombifuthi Ntoh Nala and Nobuhle Nala

The 52-year-old preacher raised eyebrows last year when he announced he was taking a second wife, Nobuhle(25). many questioned why a man of God would go the polygamy route, but he defended his actions saying it started in the Bible with heroes of the faith such as Abraham.

And while the founder and President of Nala Mandate International World of Plenty might not be popular among Christians because of his controversial ways, no one can deny that his thousands of followers see him as their saviour.
They enter the Hilton Hotel in Durban where the interview took place, flanked by an entourage of bodyguards and maidens. Like a true king, the interview took place, flanked by an entourage of bodyguards and maidens. Like a true King, the hotel security personnel warmly welcome Bishop Nala and his wives and managers and hostesses run around to mae sure their royal guests are well looked after.

The King of Plentians(those who believe in a world of plenty and prosperity) as he is called by his 25 000 followers, is accompanied by his two Queens.
“I love them equally,” the Bishop declares grandly. “There are my Queens. But I don’t spend all of my time with them and I want to keep it that way. I believe spending too much time with the wives is boring.”
Neither Ntombifuthi(41) nor Nobuhle can pinpoint exactly what attracted them to him but they confess undying love for the King.
“We love him,” Ntombifuthi says on behalf of Nobuhle too. ” He is our King and we are his Queens. We are treated differently but we are still adjusting to this new royal treatment.”
Bishop Nala opens up freely about his past life and his journey of love.
“The truth is, I used to be a real ladies man, but then I received Jesus as the savior of my life and He changed my ways,” he says.
“That was in the early 1980s. At the time, I was staying with my ex-girlfriend. We broke up and I became celibate for 10 years. I later got married but unfortunately, my first marriage didn’t work out.”
“I then dated Ntombifuthi for three years before marrying her in 2012,” he reveals.
He married Nobuhle last year, also after three years of courtship. ” I believe you need to date a woman before marrying her and this doesn’t mean being intimate with her,” he clarifies. “That’s what I did with all my wives.”

It was his marriage to Nobuhle that once again put him in the limelight. But Bishop Nala doesn’t shy away from his critics. “At least I came clean with my polygamy. I did not hide it, unlike certain pastors who are cheating on their wives. Besides the Bible is not against polygamy.”
The 27-year age gap between Nobuhle and him also got people talking. “I believe that a woman must be young so that you can groom her,” he explains. ” When she is at that tender age, she is still innocent and you can fine-tune her.”
Does that mean Nobuhle was a virgin when they got married? “No he didn’t take my virginity,” she replies frankly. “I can assure you that I was not a virgin but when he proposed love to me, I was not seeing anyone.”
Nobuhle, who looks a bit tense throughout the interview, tell us that she never thought she would be in a polygamous marriage.
“W started dating in 2012.” she tells us. When I dated the King, I knew about his wife but it never crossed my mind that our relationship would become a marriage. I thought we were just dating. As a result, I couldn’t even decide whether I wanted to be in a polygamous marriage or not.
“But Ubaba(Bishop Nala) made me understand.”
Ntombifuthi takes this opportunity to jump in and share some exciting news.
“She is expecting a baby and we can’t wait for our second bundle of joy,” she says, explaining that she already has a child with the Kind.
Interestingly, the two women are both qualified professionals. Nobuhle is a nurse but she tells us that she doesn’t see herself working for anyone else now. “Ubaba is going to open a clinic and that is where I will work.” she says. “At the moment I am just happy to be his Queen. What he says goes and that’s how things should be because he has authority over us.
Ntombifuthi is a qualified electrical engineer and former member of gospel group, joyous Celebration but she says her life also revolves around her husband. “The concept of quality only applies when you are single,” she says. Once yo get married, such things don’t apply because your husband has power over you.
“We also don’t feel comfortable kissing him at the same time. We can’t even give him a peck on the cheek. This is because we have our duty roaster and we take turns,” she explains.
As we chat, we hint at the possibility of the Bishop taking a third wife. ” I can’t say whether I will take a third wife or not right now, but what I can tell you is that next time around I will not spend three years dating her, ” he then laughs cheerily.
“Also, it has to be someone who will support me and my mandate, someone who is not working because I don’t want my wives to work.”
it’s very clear that his wives are there to support him and that he is their undisputed head.
When we ask him about his faith and his success, he tells us that he has supernatural powers and that’s why his followers believe in him.
“People are already worshiping and praying in my name,” he tells us undoubtedly.
“And in return, they experience miracles and breakthroughs. In their dreams they see me. They are using my image as their screen savers on their phones. I protect them from accidents and any form of bad luck. They wear my branded clothing and get healed.”
He sure knows how to stir up controversy, and we can’t dispute that the life of Bishop Hamilton Nala is certainly fascinating.