A Lagos based businessman identified as Sam Belonwu Dim pictured above left, was killed by a drunk police sergeant on Sunday, December 27, at Uruagu Nnewi, three days to his own wedding.

According to a report by Sunday Sun, the deceased had gone for a wedding of one of his In-laws when he encountered the drunk police officer who killed him. Father of the deceased, Chief Lazarus Dim while narrating what transpired said his son had reluctantly agreed to attend the wedding of an inlaw. Sam had received a call from a friend of his identified as Eloka who convinced him to attend the wedding.

Reluctantly, Sam attended the tradition­al wedding with one of his friend, Sunday Oguego. On arrival at the ceremony, Elo­ka received him and Oguego and as Sam was about to sit down under a canopy set up outside for guests, a mobile police sergeant just pointed his gun at Sam and shot him. The bullet went through his heart and exited from the back. At the sound of the gunshot, everybody scampered for safety, including Eloka, who invited Sam to the event.

It was Oguego who summoned the courage and began shouting for help when Sam slumped. As the bullet exited through Sam’s back, it hurt another person, who miraculously survived, and was said to have responded to treatment in a hospital. Till date, no one knows the reason why the police sergeant shot at the deceased.

Chief Dim is demanding the Nigeria police to launch a full scale investigation into the matter and fish out the sergeant that shot his son. He lamented the way police and other security agents were allowed to carry guns freely at ceremonies.

He charged the Inspector General of Police to look into this anomaly, querying: “Why should the number of police escorts at many events be more than the number of invited guests?” Since the tragic incident hap­pened, the Sam’s would-be-bride has been inconsolable. At the fami­ly home of her late groom, she has been speechless and downcast.