Protesting contract workers under the #Outsourcingmustfall banner have given universities until Friday to address their grievances.

They have threatened to continue with protests at University of Pretoria until their demands are met.

The movement wants universities to end outsourcing of services such as cleaning and security.

Outsourcingmustfall member Mametlwe Sebei says thousands of contract workers are still labouring under what he calls the exploitation of labour brokering.

“We are demanding that outsourcing must be immediately brought to an end. We are also demanding a minimum wage of R10 000 for every worker a month. The workers are actually saying we want to break with the system of the cheap labour wages; All forms of brutal exploitation that we have seen and we want a share in better life which until now has been enjoyed by a tiny elite at the top of our society.”

The workers are currently getting paid a salary of about R2 000 a month.

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