For the first time, Norma Gigaba has admitted that her husband, Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba, slept with New York-based fashion stylist Buhle Mkhize.
The two women have been embroiled in a nasty Instagram fight since October.
This week Mkhize posted that she had had enough of the minister’s wife calling her a prostitute when she had apologised to her long ago.
When the Sunday Tribune contacted Gigaba, she begged Mkhize to stop harassing her.
“The reason she is continuing with her posts is because I don’t respond and it upsets her. I don’t understand why she is harassing me when she is the one who had s.ex with my man.
“She started sending me threatening e-mails in 2014, demanding money. I told her she would not get any money, only a prostitute does that.”
Gigaba said the harassment started two months after she got married. Mkhize had told her not to post pictures of her kids or husband.
“This woman is obsessed with me. At some point she apologised, saying she didn’t mean what she said, but still continued. I did not tell her to sleep with my husband. Malusi admitted it and said it was a mistake. We are over it, but I will always call her a prostitute for demanding money,” she said.
Mkhize hit back on Saturday saying Gigaba was a liar and all she wanted was an apology.
“She is the one who started insulting me, calling me all names. She knows the truth. Malusi sent his lawyers on Thursday to beg me to stop talking. Today his lawyers contacted me asking what I wanted. I told them I want Noma to apologise for calling me a prostitute.
“I am not scared of anyone, I will tell the truth. If I am a liar, why are they not taking me to court? I wouldn’t be fighting such a powerful man if I did not have proof. I am fighting for my dignity and for all the women who have been used by powerful men. Noma and Malusi think they can use money to get away with things. I want an apology.”
Mkhize vowed to continue posting until she received one.
The minister has never admitted having an affair with the fashion stylist. In a statement posted on Instagram in December last year, he said he blamed himself for the mess.
Gigaba’s spokesman, Mayihlome Tshwete, declined to comment on Saturday.
Source : Tribune