Controversial Nigerian ‘Prophet’ T.B. Joshua gave a series of predictions for South Africa on his return to the pulpit following an eight month sabbatical.
Joshua, who is well known following the collapse of a building in his church premises that led to the deaths of 85 South Africans, declared he would send his ‘revelations’ to the South African ‘authorities’.
“The South African currency that is fluctuating will soon be stabilised,” the cleric began, adding that the country’s major challenges lay in its agricultural sector.
“There will be little rain at the wrong time, which is not good for farming,” Joshua warned. “Many farmers will be discouraged,” he continued, calling on the government to build “dams and irrigation mechanisms using available water from the sea.”
The Nigerian pastor, whose followers declare him to be a ‘prophet’, added that both healthcare and power would be affected by these challenges.
“The government should not be tempted to surrender most of their industries to foreign countries,”Joshua warned, adding that these challenges would actually serve to strengthen the nation for the future.
“The ending of February to April are very peculiar months in the Southern African sub-region,”Joshua continued. “Let us observe prayer sessions for the leaders.”
Aside from his predictions for South Africa Joshua also warned about violence brewing in North Korea and stated a ‘minority party’ would rise to relevance in Nigeria.
Former South African Football Association (SAFA) President, Kirsten Nematandani, was among the hundreds of South Africans who had travelled to Joshua’s church to celebrate the New Year.
He testified in the service that his vehicle collided heavily with a cow on Christmas Eve but God ‘miraculously’ rescued him because one of Joshua’s ‘Anointing Stickers’ was on his vehicle.
Several family members of those who had died in the building collapse tragedy were also present in the church service which had more than 3,000 foreigners in attendance.