Little Kai Taafe made his grand entrance in the back of a Volkswagen Golf outside a hospital in Ireland. His mum - 26-year-old Elaine - gave birth to the 7lb baby as maternity staff raced toward the make shift deliver room last Wednesday morning, reports the Irish Mirror .

Elaine’s father Harry, who is from O’Hanlon Park in the town said: “Elaine lives around the corner and came over to us in pain after 6am.

She told my wife Maria her labour pains were coming quickly so I jumped out of bed and put Elaine in the car, put the hazard lights on and drove in the wind and rain to Drogheda at 6.30am.
“Just outside Monasterboice, I saw an ambulance in front and flashed my lights at it but it was probably carrying another passenger and didn’t know what was going on.
“I overtook it and then felt more comfortable knowing there was an ambulance crew behind me, if need be. “I didn’t even wait for the man at the hospital gates to put up the barrier, I just drove around it and parked up.
"The baby’s head was just out at the time so I just ran in to get help.
“Elaine had three massive labour pains on the way up in the car and on the fourth, she gave birth just as the medical staff arrived at 6.55am. “Elaine was giving birth in the car with the two doors wide open and the wind howling and the rain lashing around us.
“People were asking was she going to call the baby Frank on account of him being born in the middle of it.
“I have to commend the staff because as soon as they knew what was happening, they were straight out and knew exactly what to do.”
Ironically, it’s not the first quick delivery Harry has experienced.
He added:
“My daughter Orla nearly gave birth in the lift at the hospital last year and 21 years ago, my son Shane was born quickly.
"We left home at 6.20am and just made it to the Louth County Hospital where he was born just 20 minutes later.”
Elaine and Kai are back home in Dundalk now where Kai’s big brother Reece, four, is proving a huge help to his mum.