Mshoza is first person in South Africa's to have plastic surgery like Michael Jackson

Mshoza 32-year-old has signed up to lighten her skin even further, and she has to avoid any contact with the sun until she has fully recovered! What a boring way to spend the summer months?!

The procedure sounds pretty damn crazy, and Mshoza is taking it very seriously - as there is no room for error.

She told The Sowetan: "This is something that is not done by one doctor. There are a number of doctors working on me.

"I will be the first person in South Africa to have it done. It's basically what Michael Jackson did. Then it will formally be introduced to everyone when it's complete.

"Right now, I'm on pills and injections. I spend the day in the house drinking lots of water. It's a serious thing, if I expose myself to the sun, it might condemn me. I don't want to risk that.

"Obviously I can't walk in the sun, it can cause a lot of damage, and the heatwave makes it more sensitive."

Would you ever consider doing something like this?