If you have been wondering what '#NoMorePartiesInSA' is all about, wonder no more.

It's a voice message from Mos Def to Kanye West complaining about his recent arrest in Cape Town for allegedly coming into the country without a valid passport.

Titled 'A message from Yasiin Bey', Mos Def, real name Dante Terrell Smith, says that he does not understand why he was arrested and charged with 'usage of fraudulent travel documents'.

"No more parties in SA, please tell them no more parties in SA ... I don't need to stay, I'll leave and I'll stay away. I committed no crime any place, why these police up in my face, why they raiding my place, why I don't feel safe," he says.

"This is not an expression of fear, this is just to make things clear, my intentions were pure coming here."

He says that he is here with wife and children and that he feels the police are 'out of their minds' for arresting him. Mos Def continues to say that he will go where he is wanted.

In the six minutes clip, the clearly infuriated Mos Def lays bare his feelings about the arrest.

"I just wanna go where I'm wanted, where I'm loved, stop fronting. Where I live is my choice, you cannot mute my voice," says Mos Def before thanking Kanye West for being his friend.

He says that he is currently in Cape Town and is prevented from leaving but he does not understand why because he has obtained a 'World Passport'.

"Mr Smith has been living in SA with his family without the necessary permits‚ he was detained upon departure for using illegal travel documents," said Home Affairs spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete.