It seems Vuyo Dabula just can’t seem to let go of his Generations – The Legacy family. The actor has changed his mind about leaving the soapie and is back onscreen as the show’s number 1 villain, Gadaffi. And true to form, Gadaffi is even baddder, and somehow s.exier than ever.
While many believed Gaddafi’s time in prison would be the last we see of the heartless villain, Vuyo has renegotiated his contract. The actor would have been onscreen for less than a year after he signed onto the controversial soapie, as he was one of the actors rumored to be leaving the show. Contrary to rumors that the soapie would soon crush and burn, industry insiders say that Generations is bulking up to stay on the number one spot. “It was just to soon to leave. I had just introduced myself to the soapie’s viewers,” says Vuyo.
The hunky actor had previously  claimed he had no intentions of getting comfortable by playing a soapie role for a long time. At the time, rumors emerged that Generations could not meet the actors’ demand for a salary increase. It now seems that sees have changed. “Acting is like any other job. Vuyo wanted more money and they could not afford to lose him. Competition is tight and they are now giving him what he wants,” a source tells iMzansi, adding, “he has no reason to leave now”. Vuyo says he is happy to be on our screens again. And contrary to a previous statement saying that Vuyo was not challenged by his role as Gaddafi, the hunk says everyday on the show is a learning curve. “Soapies are a unique genre that presents their own set of challenges. As your character grows and moves through different experiences, you are challenged to expand your set of skills with every scene you shoot,”he says.
Although Gaddafi dominated the first year of Generations – The Legacy as the soapie’s bad guy, this year, he is joined by Vusi Kunene, who will be returning to the soapie as the original villain, Jack Mabaso. They will not be the only ones causing trouble. Karabo is also relieving her bad girl days by being a nightmare of a wife to Tau. She rekindles her affair with Zola, and fights suspicion that Gadaffi and Tshidi’s son, Amu, could be the child that she and Tau lost.