Social media is abuzz following a screenshot of a Marie Claire intern test stating that the glossy magazine is seeking a full time intern for R30 a day. This is short on the heels of last year’s unpaid internship offered by Cosmopolitan.
The internship candidate will be required to work from 8:30am – 5pm for 6 full months. The candidate will be required to pitch ideas, research stories and write articles for the website, and it states that the job will also include print components.
Unpaid internships have recently come under fire for being unfair. At R30 a day, this internship isn't technically unpaid, but if you take into account that one Marie Claire magazine costs about R30, it does put things into perspective.
Publications like the Mail & Guardian recently offered R10 000 per month for their interns.
So far, the response on social media has been predominately negative: