Controversial Gospel singer Lundi Tyamara has reportedly been left heartbroken after being dumped amid cheating allegations.
This is according to Move! magazine, which is reporting that the singer’s boyfriend, Bonginkosi Simelane apparently left him after he apparently caught him cheating.
A source also claims that Boginkosi has since married a childhood girlfriend behind Lundi’s back. “The reason Bonginkosi dumped him was because Lundi has been cheating on him, and he tried on a number of occasions to reason with him and get him to stop his hurtful behaviour, but Lundi did not seem to care.
Lundi was heartbroken when he learnt that Bonginkosi got married to his childhood girlfriend. Lundi has been going on and on about his new man and that is said to have triggered Bonginkosi to get married,” a source is quoted as saying.
Last year Lundi made headlines after swirling rumours emerged that he was responsible for allegedly breaking up a marriage, which was followed by claims that he was allegedly beaten up by police.