Mzansi vixen Khanyi Mbau speak-out at “Real Goboza” on Saturday night for a candid talk with Phat Joe.

The 30-minute insert, featured Khanyi addressing a variety of subjects including Bonang Matheba, her much-publicized relationship with ex Mandla Mthembu, skin lightening and more. Here are some hightlights from the interview:

On being the original Queen of Mzansi’s entertainment industry:

“Khanyi Mbau did it, Bonang perfected it. She made it corporate. She gave it a corporate identity with a logo, website and signature. For me I just gave the idea and she just made it better and she’s running it and she made it look good. But she knows who the original baddie is… she won’t bow down, what I’m saying is she put the initial work and I just woke up and ate sushi and a croissant. She went to work, she crafted it and she really killed it. I commend her for it. She’s amazing.”

On the Bonang, AKA and DJ Zinhle saga:

“I’m not one to speak, because I was also Primrose’s (Crous) friend and I took her husband. She was Zinhle’s friend. I’m not one to speak, but I will say that it’s going to catch up with her in her 30s. It’s going to be something you are going to cringe every time you hear it.”

On whether she will ever marry on-and-off boyfriend Tebogo Lerole:

“That’s the one thing that stresses me so much. It’s the whole idea [of] trusting. All the men in my life have always come in and taken so much from me, as much as they think I have taken so much from them. Emotionally and spiritually, I paid for everything that I got… I guess giving myself entirely to someone again I have that fear of ‘what if we breakup again and it’s nasty’. ‘What if another man in my life has to come in and leave’. I know he wants to go all in, but it’s me."

On going ‘yellow bone’:

“I take something called Glutathione IV. Because they boost energy, they boost your immune system and they have a plus they make you yellow…”

On her much-publicized relationship with baby daddy Mandla Mthembu:

“Nothing kills a woman or nothing is poisonous to a woman like love. Women can stand abuse, women can stand haters, women can stand not having a good relationship with their mother. Love makes a woman leave a country and change cities. It makes a woman lose weight or gain weight. Love is dangerous for any woman and loves made me do what I did.”