Sowetan LIVE spoke to Khanyi Mbau about the cost of beauty.
She has done a laser liposuction procedure (also known as lipoplasty) - is an operation that removes fat from different sites of the human body - to prevent cellulite and saddle bags from forming. She does an annual chemical peel for her complexion and has had her nose worked on.
Khanyi has also had breast implants surgery, her eyebrows lifted, gums pushed back and excess skin around her eyes removed according to reports.

Q and A with Khanyi

Q: How much, on average, does cosmetic surgery cost?
A: Surgery differs, depends on the procedure, surgeon and how invasive it may be. Average ranges from about R45 000 for a basic breast augmentation.
Q: How much did it cost you?
A: Look I have had a few procedures so I have spent quite a large sum of money on beauty.
Q: How can one spot the fake plastic surgeons?
A: Spotting a fake is difficult but it's important to know what hospital group the doctor is affiliated with. For example, with Netcare you cannot go wrong as they are part of the health board South Africa.
If it's not at a reputable hospital do not do it, your health comes first.
Q: Your advice to someone who wants to do a cosmetic procedure?
A: Research, research, research. Do your homework, do the background checks and read testimonials.
Know what you are getting yourself into and ask as many questions.
Q: Why did you decide to through with the surgery?
A: I am in an industry that is time consuming, very hard and difficult on the body physically - shooting under harsh light and being exposed to the sun on location.
When shooting a film or my show (Katch It With Khanyi) sleep is rare and that ages one terribly. So I opted to take extra care going onto aesthetics.
Q: Would you advise your child to do it?
A: I cannot advice my child on anything, it's a choice she makes for herself. My job as her mom is to ensure she gets the best health care and safety. But no I will not pay for a pair of breasts for another woman.