Future, 'DS2'

Future quit listening to outside pressures and found his focus on his new album, DS2. On Honest, his sophomore album, he was tugged in too many directions. After going three for three with mixtapes Beast Mode, Monster and 56 Nights, the man born Nayvadius Wilburn hit a Jordan-esque zone for DS2. He's put together the best body of work in his career. The production hits your ears like a sledgehammer and the codeine-addicted maniac is so aggressive it sounds like he’s turning into a monster. After his break-up with former fiancĂ©e Ciara, something changed. After love was lost, Future replaced the empty space in his body with drugs, women and whatever vice he wanted to indulge in. But don’t just limit this album as a purple-infused odyssey that advocates reckless substance abuse. It’s a dark introspective look at a man who’s been through a lot and is stumbling while figuring things out.