For a while now he’s been known as a lover boy. Former Generations actor Anga Makubalo has been linked to a number of gorgeous ladies in showbiz, as well as regular women from the burbs.
And although he’d love people to believe that he lives a squeaky clean life, his dirty secrets are coming out to haunt him.
We learnt that Anga impregnated yet another woman, known as Nonkuleko (23). According to several sources, Anga, also known as NaakMusiQ or by his former Generations character name MJ, has been dating the Northcliff-born university student on and off the past five years.
However, the couple have now broken up, and it’s said the Hamba Kude hit maker has made it clear: If Nonkukulenko decides to keep the baby, she’s on her own.
We are in possession of several text messages between anga and Nonkululeko, where he blatantly refuses to be part of their unborn child’s life.
According to one of Nonkululeko’s closest friends, the university student is about is about 13 weeks into her pregnancy.
In the many text messages exchanged between the former lovers,Anga accuses his ex of wanting to trap him with a baby – something her friend strongly disputes.
“He wants her to abort the child, and is even willing to pay for the abortion, but Nonku has decided to keep the child.”
The friend alleges that in July last year, the couple discussed having a baby. Then Anga was eager to have a child, but Nonku wasn’t keen.
“They’ve been together for a while but he hasn’t introduced her to his family. That was worrying for her too. Nonku wasn’t keen really – she asked if they could wait another two years but Anga was in some kind of rush.”
It was previously reported that the All Access Mzansi co-presenter had separated from his other baby mama, known only as Maggie, and was not fulfilling his fatherly duties towards their three year old son.
However, Nonkululeko, who is doing her Honours degree in political science at the University of Johannesburg, was worried because her beau didn’t have a relationship with his first child.
“The child stays with his parents in Kempton Park, and doesn’t really care about him. So who would want to have a child with someone like that?” the friend asks.
It’s claimed that Anga had spoken to Nonkululenko’s mom casually a few times before the pregnancy, but nothing official had come of it.
It’s also claimed that when Anga learnt about the new pregnancy, he urged Nonkululenko to have an abortion and made it clear that, should she decide not to go through with it, he would not even visit the child.
He later wouldn’t respond to her text messages and calls. They were, however, not on speaking terms at the time. “But that’s not something new,” adds our source. “They had an on-off relationship and she put up with it for a long time.”
Another friend close to the situation tells us that Nonkululeko found out about Anga’s other baby mama through a mutual friend in 2010, when they first had a fling.
“He got this girl pregnant, and when he found out he went crazy. . . there was a suicide attempt at that time and [he] was hospitalized for that,” reveals the source.
Nonkululeko didn’t ask Anga about it as the relationship wasn’t that serious at the time. “It was just a fling at first, I think,” explains the source.
The couple broke up shortly thereafter, only to rekindle their affair in 2012 after bumping into each other at a mall in Johannesburg. “When she found out she was pregnant she was scared to tell him because of his suicide attempt and thought he would do the same again,” the source recalls. But instead of throwing his toys, Anga reportedly accepted the news quietly.
In 2013, we published a story on Anga and his then-girlfriend, Roselyn April, and how eager he was to marry her (Anga’s new love, 17 October 2013). It all came as a surprise to Nonkululenko.
“Nonku is a very private person and when Anga told her that they shouldn’t be seen in public together, she didn’t mind.”
But Anga went public with another girl, she got mad and dumped him. They broke up and then reunited shortly after Anga was accused of assaulting Roselyn in 2014. The relationship became serious and Nonkululeko even travelled with him around the country for work. But in October 2015, they broke up again without any reason,” says the source. “Unfortunately, Nonku was already pregnant by then.”
Although the friend insists that Nonkululeko didn’t want to have a child with Anga, she didn’t use protection.
“Apparently, Anga doesn’t use protection and got angry when Nonku talked about using condoms.”
Meanwhile, Anga’s been linked to an array of women, including his All Access Mzansi co-host, Mbali Nkosi.
When contacted for comment, Anga said: “Write what you want, my angel,” before hanging up.
Nonku said: “I have nothing against Anga, I wish him all the best. We had some great times together. I just want to carry on with my life, peacefully and privately without him and any association to him.”