This is a press statement from Women Association of The Good People on an alleged rape committed by a top Exxon Mobil engineer. His name and photos was sent in but we will leave that out for now until we get a confirmation from the police. Read story below.. 
On Monday, 4th of January 2016, the man who works With Exxon Mobil and also a landlord of a property on the island raped a 14 year old who happened to be the niece of his tenant.
On that faithful day, the man decided to visit the home of his tenants who owed him rent. They had advised him earlier that they wouldn’t be at home and only their 14 year old niece and 3 year old daughter would be home. He knocked on their flat and was attended to by the 14 year old who told the landlord her Uncle and Aunty weren't home. He insisted on entering the home of his tenants to wait for them. The naive 14-year old girl who had only been in Lagos for 3 weeks, opened the door and let the man in.  
According to the victim, he checked the visitor's toilet to confirm no one was home. He then checked the room, the wardrobe and bathroom, after not finding anyone, he started talking to the 14 year old, asking her details like her name and age. 
The man, who is meant to be a responsible citizen performed a dastardly act and pushed the young girl on the bed and while she tried to scream he covered her mouth and forcefully had his way with her, in presence of the 3 year old!
In a bid to console her, he offered her N1, 000 and left.
Her aunty came home and met the young 14-year-old girl hysterical and inconsolable. The girl was unable to answer after asking her what happened repeatedly but to everyone’s amazement, it was the 3 year old who recounted the story to her mum "Mummy landlord came, he push Aunty C on the bed and he do like this like this on top of her"  innocently describing to her mum and recreating the movements she saw.
This was obviously distressing to the woman who called her husband. He rushed home and reported the incident at the police station located in Lamgbasa. The police asked for medical report, which they got the next morning. The doctor's report did confirm she was "forcefully penetrated "; the doctor on his own accord flagged the human rights office.
However, despite contact being made with the man, his employer and the police of this serious allegation, the man has not been apprehended till date.
As of 8th January 2016, he failed to report to the police station at 9am as promised instead he called the victim’s family (his tenants) repeatedly and tried to convince them to meet. His calls prior to this were threats to evict them. 

We are concerned citizens saddened by the state of affairs in which numerous bodies are aware of this serious matter and the suspect is yet to be apprehended. 
We feel we have no choice but to release this information to the public in the hope that the case gets the necessary attention it deserves and that the perpetrator is brought to justice. 
We hope this also deters other closet pedophiles from committing such a disgusting act against women and children.