A 48 year old lawyer who's name was given as Benjamin Onyeabo has been remanded at Oke Kura prison yard in Ilorin for duping one of his clients a sum of #11.6 million. Onyeabo was said to have carried out this nefarious act in connection with one Dominic Ochi.
A LIB reader with exclusive info said Lawyer Onyeabo forged several documents that belonged to his client to claim a payment that was meant for his client. His client won the court case and the said money was meant for him but, Onyeabo in connection with Ochi forged the man's document, got the money out in December 2014 and refused to give it to his client.

Despite the fact that lawyer Onyeabo pleaded not guilty to this charge, the Judge who presided over the case, M.A Adeyanju ordered that he should be remanded at Oke Kura prison in Ilorin, while the case was adjourned to next month.