Gospel music singer Dumi Mkokstad says he cannot get away from “crazy women” who keep throwing themselves at him …
The 25-year-old award-winning gospel star is currently single, and he wants to stay that way for now
Speaking to the Daily Sun, Dumi said that every time he opens Facebook his inbox is flooded with messages from women who are looking for love.
At some point Dumi bought a ring which he wore to try and send a message to these women that he is not looking but it did not stop them
“I seem to be losing the battle with these crazy women. No matter how hard I try, they keep sending me messages. There’s nothing I haven’t tried to keep them away,” he said.
“I’m a child of God and a born-again Christian and I’m not looking to be involved with anyone. I don’t want a girlfriend or a wife because I’m too young for that.”
Dumi said that he had to take off the ring because people were speculating about his marital status
“I had to take it off because people were speculating about my marital status. I have now reached the point where I have to say enough is enough,” said Dumi.
Source:All4Women/Daily Sun