DJ Zinhle has shared some knowledge about life and how much it has humbled her lately.
The mother of one and business woman this week found herself in a ridiculous social media investigation after people on social media platforms debated on whether she was the woman on vacation with AKA.
But in all honestly we all know who AKA is on holiday with and it definitely isn’t Zinhle.
Amidst all the social media noise surrounding her, DJ Zinhle, on Saturday morning decided to share her experience about life and how it’s humbled her
“When life humbles you. Don’t resist. Accept!!! There’s a lesson. Be open to learning. The more you resist the harder it becomes. I have been humbled and I accept.” She tweeted.
Zinhle added that her humbleness has strengthened and hopes other women will gather strength from what life has taught her.
“Humbled but strong. The warrior in me never went to sleep. If you are going through something, draw from my strength.” – She added.
What also caught most people’s attention is how she encouraged people (mostly women) to let go of people who have walked out of their lives.
“& When people walk out of your life…LET THEM GO! It doesn’t mean they are bad people, it just means their part in your story is over.”
After the tweets, social media then began to sympathise with the her whilst others continued to troll her.
What's your take on DJ Zinhle's tweets and do you identify with what she has said?