It feels like a lifetime since it was founded, but DJ Sbu’s controversial energy drink Mofaya is a year old today.

According to Sbu, on 26 January 2015 the first MoFaya can was made and he has never looked back ever since.

Sbu took to Instagram to jot down an emotional letter detailing MoFaya’s journey thus far.

“Exactly today a year ago the first can of @mofaya_official was sold & a brand was born. Created by Sbu Leope (Tembisa) & @siphiwelikhulenishongwe (Kliptown Soweto) MoFaya has achieved what many dream of,” Sbu wrote.

“They say advertising is a war of attention. Whoever gets the most attention wins the battle. Hardly a year Mofaya has gone on to become one of the most recognisable & spoken about authentically SA brands.”

“We pride ourselves for reaching this milestone. Many start-up companies don't make a year. This is an achievement for us to see our dream come true & get South Africa talking like it had over the past year.”

“Thank you all for the support, the dialogue, debates, criticism, arguments, inspiration, up & downs. We hope @mofaya_official inspires your inner dream, that no matter what it is possible,” Sbu captioned on Instagram on Tuesday.

“Based on our business plan projections we have outdone ourselves. We are working hard behind the scenes overcoming our distribution challenges. We have the highest demand for any product in the market & we arw gum ked at how many people can't wait to lay their hands on our brand.”