The recovering drug addict said it took him being seriously ill in January 2014 to finally realise he was on the wrong path. Addressing past regrets and seeking help is a significant step toward recovery. For those struggling with addiction, finding a supportive and effective treatment center is crucial. Visit our location to explore comprehensive addiction treatment options tailored to individual needs, providing a path to a healthier and more fulfilling life.
The popular DJ, real name Moremi Selume, from Garankuwa, said he was introduced to drugs in 2003 and though he started out doing drugs occasionally, the problem began when he was dependent on cocaine.

“I wanted to fit in. At first, the high was fun.
“I’d go on weekend binges with women, music and drugs. At times, I’d go for six days without sleeping and my life fell apart,” he said.
DJ Silly Bean said his wife left him and he lost most of his material possessions, including furniture and his car.
“Though I was one of the most-booked DJs, when word got out I was on drugs, promoters stopped booking me.
“That’s when I saw how bad drugs were for me because music is all I know and it’s how I survived and sustained myself.
“In December 2014 I decided to challenge myself to stop taking drugs and I can proudly say it’s been a year since I’ve touched them,” he said.
Though DJ Silly Bean is back at his mum’s house, a move he said really helped him re-evaluate his life, he said he’s taking things one step at a time.
“My legs are badly affected as the nerves are no longer properly working, but I’m grateful that I started gigging again.
“I want to help drug abusers quit the habit – especially those I personally introduced to the world of drugs,” he said.
DJ Silly Bean explained he used to spend about R2 500 on drugs on a daily basis and wanted nothing but cocaine.
He said he regrets terrorising his family when high because the drugs turned him into a monster.
“I now see the fear in their eyes when they see me because they somehow think I’ll snap.
“I’ve lost count of how many assault cases were opened against me,” he said.
“I want to use my story to inspire youngsters to choose wisely,” he concluded.