Speaking to Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral, the DJ explained: "The low has been my family. I'd have to say... I was in a family environment, building a small family with my fiancée and our daughter, and with a lot that happened actually affected our relationship that we had to separate." 
The former Metro FM DJ continued: "Just me, not having to see my daughter everyday like I used to. That was the low, when I was going through the separation." 
When asked if the separation happened because of financial strain, he said: "It wasn't necessarily because of financial strain, you know. We were actually doing well. We own two businesses together and our businesses were doing well. Because of the noise, I think, that one was going through at the time, and my ex-fiancée was a very private person."
The father of one said when noise happens, you also don't know what other people are saying to your significant other.
"Whether it's relatives, whether it's friends, whether whatever it might be. But a lot of the stuff that gets written about in the media might cast doubt in the relationship like 'is this guy really gonna succeed? Is this guy maybe the guy that I wanna be with for the rest of my [life]?' Or whatever may cause instability in the relationship." 
What hurt him the most, he explained, was not being able to be in a family enviroment and seeing his daughter all the time. "... Going to church together, you know, come home to a warm cooked meal and just being in that homely enviroment, to back to being single..."