While some people have labelled Gareth Cliff a "racist",DJ Sbu believes that this is not true.

Gareth was fired from Idols SAafter making a comment regarding the Penny Sparrow outrage. Penny angered a lot of people after calling black South African beach goers "monkeys".

Gareth took to Twitter and wrote: "People don't understand free speech at all." This landed him in hot water and he was dismissed by M-Net.

DJ Sbu is one of the few celebrities to publicly show their support to Gareth. The businessman and TV personality posted a video on Instagram from the CliffCentral studios. In his caption, Sbu mentioned that Gareth is "the last person to be racist."

I think the people calling Garreth racist should first look around @CliffCentral studios & see how many intelligent talented black people he has empowered. I have known this man for many years. He usually tells it like it is & pisses off a lot of people but I can bet my last Mofaya CAN he's the last person to be racist. Keep your head up@GarethCliff getting fired is nothing new to entrepreneurs. Its time to move from good to GREAT! All the best for the new year.