DJ Sbu is single and looking for love, but just not right now.
DJ Sbu’s love life made headlines late last year when it was alleged that he was involved in an airport love showdown (more on that here) but, as he told the Sunday Independent recently, his only focus now is his daughter.
Talking to the paper about love, DJ Sbu says he does believe in love, but that he’s “not looking” for it right now.
“I am not looking but praying that it will happen in its own time.
“My last relationship was a beautiful one. We had plans to get married, but unfortunately it did not work out.
“Right now I am just focusing on my daughter. I was in a homely environment and seeing my daughter every day and going to church as a family. I miss that,” Sbu says.
Talking about his baby mama, Sbu says that he is “lucky” to have her as the mother of his child and she often reminds him of his responsibilities as a father.
“I see my daughter at least once a week. I am lucky to have the woman I do as the mother of my child. She is very responsible. She understands the importance of a father in a child’s life, so she gives me enough time with my daughter. If I have not seen my daughter for a week or two she calls me and tells me the baby is missing me,” he says.
So what exactly is Sbu looking for in a lady? Here’s his checklist- so that you can see if you match up:
“I just want a loving person that respects themselves and believes in God. A person that wants to build a family. I am not concerned about what the person does for a living as long as she is an amazing woman with a good heart.”