advocate Dali Mpofu Siad 
Somizi’s comments were also perceived to be racist. You cannot have it both ways. We are not saying that Somizi and Unathi should be fired. We are saying well done for retaining them, and you should retain us.  
Their positions were arguably perceived to be worse than Gareth Cliff, but he is sitting here. We can’t say people can be allowed to make dangerous comments and only punish when Gareth Cliff mentions freedom of speech.

He continued by Saying 
  "This was one of the worst forms of discrimination. Gareth Cliff was discriminated against because he is white.”
 Mpofu said had Msengana and Mpofu tweeted what Cliff had, which is “People don't understand freedom of expression”, the matter wouldn't have made it to court. "We wouldn't even know about it,” Mpofu said 
The high water mark of M-Net case is that it could affect our business so let's ruin his life.”

 The only reason why M-Net hired him was because he is controversial. It is strange that they were happy to use the face of this so called "racist" on promotional materials for the new season until we asked them not to.

M-Net employed Gareth because he shocks and would bring in viewership numbers. They often rode on his controversy.