Bonang Matheba's radio listeners around the country were scammed by a caller during her #AskAMan segment on The Front Row, who claimed her boyfriend had infected her with HIV and had spent the money needed to bury her son.

Matheba's #AskAMan segment which airs Friday mornings on Metro FM offers listeners an opportunity to call in for advice on man related issues from Matheba and two male co-hosts.

The woman skillfully played on the the heart strings of not only the #AskAMan team but also listeners across South Africa.

The scam artist knew that the story of a woman cheated on and desperately trying to bury her son would resonate with many listeners who on countless occasions on different radio shows across the country have opened up their wallets to help people in need.

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These are her claims:

1. Her boyfriend had been cheating on her with her friend for two years and had infected her with HIV.

2. The caller claimed her boyfriend was blowing the cash needed for their son's funeral with her friend who is now pregnant with his child.

3. She stated that she contacted her boyfriend to find out about the casket for their son and he said he was spending the cash.

Her story prompted an outpouring of support from Metro Fm's listeners.

The hash tag #AskAMan trended through the day on social media which created more opportunities for assistance.