ANC Western Cape chairman Marius Fransman's legal woes in which he faces charges of sexual harassment might have been because of his failure to settle his 'mavuso' with the accuser.

Mavuso' is a popular practice in which a man and woman agree to a fee for sex. The women are not prostitutes but mostly known to the man.
Several attempts to meet or interview Fransman by telephone proved fruitless.
This suspicion was raised by a Gauteng ANC youth league leader and a deputy minister who revealed that women in Rustenburg, North West, were demanding as much as R5000 for payment after a night of sex.
These politicians, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said hundreds of "decent women and not necessarily prostitutes" descended in the sleepy town to cash in on the ANC's 104 birthday celebrations since midweek.
"Some of us prepared close to R20000 for this event to avoid situations such as that of Fransman," said the ANCYL leader.
"We all know that these girls want R5000 minimum for 'mavuso' and we always make sure that the money is here before calling them."
The amount was also confirmed by two women from Gauteng, who asked not be named.
"Do you think I can travel all the way from Gauteng to Rustenburg with my car and petrol just to sleep with someone for free? No that's not how I roll," said one woman.
She added that the price was determined by the fact that most ANC leaders were rich and most of them preferred to book a woman for one night and move on to a new woman the next night.
But her friend disputed the R5000 price saying that it would be an insult for a man to even attempt to give her that much after a night of passion.
"I don't come cheap and if you seek my attention you better be sure that your wallet is packed.
"I'm here to have fun and if you want to disturb my plans you should make sure that it's worth my time and sacrifice," she said.
The deputy minister, who also did not want to be named, said that ANC leaders have always taken care of that aspect of the transaction when they hook up with women at party events.
He said what happened to Fransman was "unfortunate and it smells more like a honey trap".

"We are all vulnerable but sometimes when you show sincere and appreciative gestures these women understand," he said.
It appeared that not only women took advantage of the January 8 Statement event but throngs of traditional sex enhancing products salesmen made a roaring business.
One of the favourite potions on stock was Mpesu, mostly harvested around Venda in Limpopo. It sold like hot cakes in and around Sun City as well as at the main venue, the Royal Bafokeng Stadium.
A trader, who introduced himself as Robert, said Mpesu was a hit among ANC officials at such events.
"We attend a lot of ANC events and our stock is always sold out. Some of the comrades even call us to reserve the products for them when they are still busy. As I'm talking to you the bakkie is getting empty now," said Robert.
He said for better result, the magic potion, which sells for R30 a teaspoon, should be mixed with mageu and consumed a few minutes before sex.
"We also bring lots of mageu with us because we know it is difficult to find the product where these events are held.
"So you either buy just the powder or ready mix," he said

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