WHILE it has been widely reported that DJ Zinhle and AKA are back in each other’s arms after splitting up in August last year, amid rumours that AKA cheated on Zinhle with Bonang Matheba, it seems AKA has decided that he needs both women in his life, and is allegedly two-timing them without even making much of an effort to hide it.
Rumours about Zinhle and AKA working things out started swirling when they were spotted together in Mpumalanga and later in Richards Bay. AKA also left tongues wagging when he posted a message on Twitter saying he “was on holiday with bae”.
Just weeks later the rapper, who is known in industry circles for his huge ego, posted a photo of Bonang relaxing on an island in Mozambique and referred to her as his “queen”. A source close to the situation says AKA is Zinhle’s weakness. She really loves him and the fact that they have a baby together makes it impossible to separate because AKA is mad about their baby, Kairo,” the source says.
Even though Bonang and AKA never confirmed their romance, the rapper is said to have moved in with Bonang after his relationship with Zinhle ended. But AKA has now moved out of Bonang’s house. “He packed all his things and left,” a source said, adding, “Bonang got the shock of her life when she arrived and did not see AKA’s things. She thought there had been a break-in, only to find that AKA had moved out of her top-end Hyde Park residence.”
Another source claims that Bonang is not fazed by AKA leaving her residence, as she had found him to be too needy and clingy when they were living together.
“When AKA was still with Zinhle, Bonang did not see much of him. Both of them lead busy lives and only caught up on a date about once or so a week,” a source says.
“They were a very happy couple until they started spending too much time together; Bonang complained to friends that AKA’s clinginess was frightening her.”
Another source adds that AKA is still seen at events with Bonang and that he is caught between both women.
“Unlike Zinhle, who is a motherly homemaker, Bonang does not have time for that. Although AKA sometimes gets annoyed by Zinhle’s overly protective nature, he loves her for having order. With Bonang, he fell in love with her daring nature and her playfulness. But he really missed Zinhle,” the source says.
Zinhle’s friends are said to be unhappy about her reconciliation with AKA. According to sources, Zinhle’s friends feel that AKA wants to have his cake and eat it.
“AKA embarrassed her and now Zinhle is forgiving him so easily, while he isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he hasn’t broken things off with Bonang. She is not setting a good example for young women; the hordes of young female fans who worship her music, buy her watch range and attend her DJ Academy,” a source laments.
When approached for comment, Zinhle’s spokesperson, Nomndeni Mdakhi, denied that Zinhle and AKA have kissed and made up. “Please note that these rumours are not true,” she said. AKA and Bonang could not be reached for comment at the time of going to print.