TEBOGO’S wedding feast hit a nasty snag when food worth 
R4 000 went missing.
But the bride was in for a bigger shock.
Tebogo Masedi (32) and groom Machine Masedi (35) were married at Bokgakga Village outside Tzaneen at the weekend.
The pastor who married them also did the catering and decorations for the big tent where the wedding feast was held.
Everyone was having a good time – until the food ran out mysteriously.

Tebogo suspected local thieves had helped themselves.
But the truth was even stranger.
She was totally amazed when she found the missing food on Monday – in the pastor’s van!
Tebogo told the SunTeam how angry she was when she made the discovery.
“We had called the pastor to meet us at a local shopping centre so we could pay her the balance,” she said.
“We were shocked when we found that the meat and the other food we had bought was in her van!”
Tebogo said she confronted the pastor and wasn’t satisfied with her explanation.
“The pastor said her helpers had put the food in her van by mistake.
“But how could that happen?
“They were responsible for catering! They should have noticed the food had run out before everyone got meat,” said the furious Tebogo.
“The pastor said she was sorry, but I believe she apologised only because she was caught out.”
So Tebogo said she and Machine deducted R3 100 from the money still owed to the pastor.
Pastor Emelda Mthembi explained to the SunTeam how the food ended up in her van.
She said: “I found it in my fridge on Monday. When I asked how it got to my home my children said they loaded it in the van, thinking it was mine.
“I realised they had loaded the wedding food by mistake so I took it to the bride. Unfortunately, she was angry with me. She accused me of stealing her wedding meat,” sobbed pastor Emelda.